Welcome to the Rachreverie

Hey, guys! I’m Rachel – the owner and creative behind Designory Hair and Makeup Studio. I have been doing hair and makeup for about 10 years now, and I think it’s a great way to work creatively, collaborate with others, and just make people generally feel a little better than they were before you worked with them. I just got engaged to my sweetie – Jacob. Our relationship is downright biblical. Get it? Although we are still figuring out the details of our wedding and living arrangements, we don’t feel too terribly pressured to jump into serious planning mode quite yet. I am from a small town called Saluda in the middle of the great state of South Carolina. I love Saluda and the farm I grew up on, but I also love discovering and immersing myself in different parts of the state. There really are smiling faces and beautiful places all around SC. I love the Clemson Tigers – National Champions, FYI – and when I’m not working with weddings in the fall, you will probably find me in Death Valley. There are so many things I could share with you all, but I’ll save some of the good stuff for later.

Designory Hair & Makeup is my studio I opened in Fall 2018. However, I’ve been operating Designory since 2014! At first, I was a booth renter, then I moved to commission salon and kept Designory as an on-location wedding hair and makeup provider. Now, I can work behind the chair and work with weddings. I love that I can consolidate everything into the Designory brand. Why Designory? As many of my clients know, I started off in graphic design. I love structure and artfully designed things. That’s where “design-“ comes in. I wanted a word that represented the function of design. Design is everywhere – not just graphics. So, I attached the suffix, “-ory” and created Designory, meaning a place for a particular function. It’s pronounced exactly like it seems, design-or-y.  

Let’s get one thing out in the open. I’m not a blogger. I’m actually, previously, really terrible at it. So, why are you here? Better yet, why am I here

Working behind the chair, I find that many times there are conversations, moments when I get to share some really cool things with my amazing clients. Thanks for letting me do that, y’all. Sharing is great in a one-on-one setting but why not share on a larger scale? I found that I would have these conversations in my head explaining a styling technique, or why this product is more effective than another. I have always found myself in my own little reverie, but these were more beauty-centered daydreams. Hence the Rach-Reverie. Just so we’re on the same page, a Reverie is defined as “a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream” So, join me on this beautiful little daydream blog. We’ll chat about hair, makeup, wellness, weddings, and my studio. And you can always email me at Rachel@designoryhmu.comif you have questions about a specific product or topic. I’d be downright thrilled to jump into some research for you. Let’s start dreaming! 

Stay beautiful,