One Month Down, Eleven To Go

One month in. The New Year always brings about those fun little goals we call resolutions. I think a lot of folks get really caught in the word “resolution” and actually forget that they are simply a commitment to do a little bit better. They are an objective that makes us go into the year with a clean schedule and house.

I used to fall into the group that was anti-resolution. I didn’t make them because it seemed silly that everyone would make these promises to only break them before the month of January was through. Then, I was sitting in a sales meeting at my first job, and someone in management stopped and asked what my resolutions were. I said, “Oh, I don’t make them because I’m always trying to do better- not just in January.” He looked at me as if he were speechless for a second them launched into why he thought resolutions were important. Then proceeded to tell me he makes 10 personal, 10 for work, 10 for his children, 10 for his grandchildren- it was excessive. When he finally wrapped up, I said, “Wow, that’s a lot of resolutions. I hoped you wrote them down.” HA!

I don’t actually think it’s productive to make that many resolutions, but I did change my outlook on making goals at the beginning of the year. I starting making a list of 10 resolutions each year. I usually make a list of things I want to accomplish each day and leave it at my bedside table, so this was kind of like an extension of my nightly list-making. What are your resolutions? Have you already broken them? If you’re feeling a little bummed over resolutions 1 month in, I suggest creating some super simply beauty goals. Fun, right? Start by throwing away the old, try one of those new products on your wish list, start getting consistent with hair and skin care, and make an appointment.

Throw away the things that are old, those that are expired, things you can’t remember when you purchased, and most definitely the samples that have started to look grungy. Dirty beauty is just that – dirty. What happens in dirty environments? BeautySoClean lists common bacteria found on makeup products and makeup bags as staphylococcus aureus (staph), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Escherichia coli (E. coli). And guys, you’re putting this on your face, eyes and lips. Disgusted yet? Clean beauty is a serious matter, it should definitely be on your 2019 to-do list. You can find BeautySo Clean here: You should also take some time to clean your hair brushes and combs. Try using a cleaner like Ship Shape from Sally’s Beauty. It’s great at eating away product build up. If you wanted to then disinfect, use something with alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium, colloquially called barbicide. This is the blue stuff you see on your hair stylists’ work station. Did you know it is effective against HIV-1, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, and is a germicide, fungicide, and viricide? Pretty cool, huh? If your hair or makeup artist isn’t using these disinfecting tools, you’ve been warned!

After all that semi-scary conversation about germs, let’s lighten the mood a bit. You know that wish list you have on Sephora? Yes, that’s the one. You have 5-10 really cool products on there you’ve been dying to try but for one reason or another haven’t taken the plunge. Now’s the time! If you’re already cleaning out, take some time to research and consider which of your list you’d like to try first. I also would recommend purchasing a small size or going into the store for a sample if you’re feeling a little hesitant. If going into the store isn’t an option, most beauty supply companies (Sephora, Ulta, etc) will actually exchange within 30 days if you aren’t happy.

Another super easy beauty resolution is to strive to be consistent and make appointments. I actually struggle with this. I’m not the most patient when it comes to getting my hair done. I have an idea and I want to execute – NOW! However, I know that when I have one of my talented beauty biz friends help a girl out, I always look 110 x’s better. I tell my clients that it’s easier to book an appointment and change it, that to want change and not be able to get an appointment. Another aspect of beauty that I personally am trying to bet a little more consistent with is my skin care. You can have the best of the best skincare products on your shelf, but you have to make appointments with skincare professionals if you want consistently good skin. I can’t wait for my facial at Lavender Studio (Anderson, SC) in a couple weeks! Be consistent, and see consistent results – with hair, skin and other beauty treatments.  

When you look at your resolutions as goals, you don’t have to abandon them once you’ve broken them. Keep striving to reach, and each day you keep it, you move forward. Each day you don’t, you can take a note of what you could do to better achieve those. Beauty is fun, but sometimes you can feel like there’s always something to add to you to do list. Pro’s know which direction to guide you towards, use them for that! It makes us feel great to help. When you are having fun and feeling good about yourself, somehow that beauty stuff just kind of miraculously happens. Try that.


Stay Beautiful,